Random Thoughts of the Day

August 21, 2009 at 9:53 PM (Uncategorized)

  1. Headaches suck.  I’ve had headaches every day this week.  Bleh.
  2. I love it when the dogs are freshly bathed.  No more stinky dogs!
  3. I’m glad that the RAV4 is now at the body shop.  Hopefully we’ll have it back mid next week.
  4. Longhorn is tasty!  I loved my salmon strawberry pecan salad tonight.
  5. I’m looking forward to making hummus tomorrow!
  6. I have a feeling that the weekend will fly by and it will be Monday before I know it.

What’s on your mind?

– Stephanie


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Random Thoughts of the Day

August 19, 2009 at 7:29 PM (Friends, Gaming, Nature)

  1. I have an amazing husband.  I truly feel like the luckiest woman in the world.
  2. Ice Road Truckers is a great show.  Ben and I just received Season 1 on Netflix and it’s awesome.  Amazingly, it’s actually produced by The History Channel and is a really informative show.  I’ve always been fascinated by extremists (e.g. ultramarathoners) and extreme environments in general.
  3. I’ve been super busy at work, but I love my job and the people that I work with.
  4. I hope to have a super productive dissertation weekend while Ben hangs out with two friends that are coming into town.  We’re really looking forward to their visit and Ben is especially looking forward to a gaming frenzy on Saturday night.
  5. Super expensive cars and their associated super expensive car loans are overrated.

What’s on your mind?


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Random Thoughts of the Day

August 17, 2009 at 7:03 PM (Blogging, Food, Friends, Healthy Living, Saving Money)

  1. I felt an incredible rush today when we received our property tax bill in the mail.  $1700.  First I panicked.  Then I realized “Whoa!  We already have the money.”  Thanks to automated savings and a lot of discipline over the past year, we will pay it off easily without sweating.  The sacrifices that we have made were well worth it!
  2. I had an awesome time seeing Grease at The Fabulous Fox Theater on Friday night.  I went with 6 female co-workers and thoroughly enjoyed myself.  I’m embarrassed to say, but I had never seen Grease before Friday.  I loved it.  I’m always so impressed by Broadway performers.  Taylor Hicks performed and I have to say that he was really really good.  His musical style is like a mix of country music and soul.  I’m not a fan of country music but I love songs with soul.  He was a very entertaining performer.
  3. Does anyone read this blog?  At times my motivation for maintaining it fluctuates.  If you read the blog and enjoy it by all means let us know!  We enjoy writing the blog but only if we have readers.
  4. Fresh produce really is where it’s at.

What’s on your mind today?

– Stephanie

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Wedding Weekend Happenings

August 12, 2009 at 6:35 PM (Friends, Wedding)

Two of our best friends, Heather and Adolfo, were married this past Saturday. I was one of her bridesmaids along with Blair and Donna. Ben and I made our journey to NC late Thursday night. We arrived at Blair and Jamie’s house around 11 PM and went to bed soon thereafter.

Blair and I were up super early the next morning (5:30 AM). We left the guys to have a “guy date” and we met Donna and Heather at the historical house where we spent the night with Heather celebrating her last night as a single woman. The house is owned by Heather’s mom’s company and sits in Old Salem in Winston-Salem, NC.  It was awesome and I am so grateful for the opportunity to stay there!  On the outside, the house appears small, but on the inside it has 3 levels and a ton of great qualities.  Some of the awesome features include 3 full bathrooms, a huge kitchen, 2 fireplaces, and 2 huge dining tables.

We then made a pit stop at Krispy Kreme before heading to the church.  What’s a wedding without Krispy Kreme?  😉  We spent the entire day decorating the church in preparation for the wedding reception.  The rehearsal dinner and the rehearsal itself was that evening.  I think we all got teary eyed at the rehearsal when we saw Heather coming down the aisle.  We spent the late evening goofing off at the house and watching an emergency dance DVD that was great entertainment.  I’m not sure how much we learned though.

We were all up bright and early on the morning of the wedding.  We spent a few hours at the hair salon getting our hair did.  Fun times! Before heading to the church, Blair and I hung back and left a little surprise for Heather and Adolfo.  We formed a heart on the bed using red rose petals and left a bouquet of flowers.  I think it turned out nice!

The wedding itself was absolutely beautiful.  I’ve never been to a Catholic ceremony or mass before Saturday.  The ceremony was delicate, tender, and very special.  Heather was beautiful and Adolfo was handsome.  None of us tripped or did anything else embarrassing, which is always quite the accomplishment.  The reception turned out to be awesome.  The atmosphere was romantic and classy.  We all shook our groove thang and boogied to the music.  It was truly a blast and we were so honored to be a part of it all.

On a negative note, Ben and I wear rear ended while in a traffic jam on the interstate.  The damage was minor and we were ok, but it still sucks!

– Stephanie

Heather_WeddingWeekend_08Aug2009 004

Heather_WeddingWeekend_08Aug2009 009

Heather_WeddingWeekend_08Aug2009 012

Heather_WeddingWeekend_08Aug2009 019

Heather_WeddingWeekend_08Aug2009 036

Heather_WeddingWeekend_08Aug2009 087

Heather_WeddingWeekend_08Aug2009 097

Heather_WeddingWeekend_08Aug2009 112

Heather_WeddingWeekend_08Aug2009 134

Heather_WeddingWeekend_08Aug2009 151

Heather_WeddingWeekend_08Aug2009 163

Heather_WeddingWeekend_08Aug2009 170

Heather_WeddingWeekend_08Aug2009 173

Heather_WeddingWeekend_08Aug2009 191

Heather_WeddingWeekend_08Aug2009 213

Heather_WeddingWeekend_08Aug2009 216

Heather_WeddingWeekend_08Aug2009 226

Heather_WeddingWeekend_08Aug2009 227

Heather_WeddingWeekend_08Aug2009 228

Heather_WeddingWeekend_08Aug2009 230

Heather_WeddingWeekend_08Aug2009 231

Heather_WeddingWeekend_08Aug2009 235

Heather_WeddingWeekend_08Aug2009 236

Heather_WeddingWeekend_08Aug2009 237

Heather_WeddingWeekend_08Aug2009 240

Heather_WeddingWeekend_08Aug2009 255

Heather_WeddingWeekend_08Aug2009 279

Heather_WeddingWeekend_08Aug2009 287

Heather_WeddingWeekend_08Aug2009 314

Heather_WeddingWeekend_08Aug2009 325

Heather_WeddingWeekend_08Aug2009 329

Heather_WeddingWeekend_08Aug2009 337

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Going Bananas! (Coupon Inside)

August 12, 2009 at 12:36 PM (Food, Saving Money)

Target.com maintains a list of coupons that can be used in their grocery section. Well, one of the coupons, good until September 5, is for 50 cents off of a pound of bananas. I’m not sure what their current price is for bananas but my guess is that, with this coupon, a pound of bananas is practically free!

I’m going to buy several pounds and free them for smoothies. Just peel them first, cut into slices, and place into Ziploc bags. Voila! They make an awesomely creamy addition to smoothies.

– Stephanie


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