Random Thoughts of the Day

August 17, 2009 at 7:03 PM (Blogging, Food, Friends, Healthy Living, Saving Money)

  1. I felt an incredible rush today when we received our property tax bill in the mail.  $1700.  First I panicked.  Then I realized “Whoa!  We already have the money.”  Thanks to automated savings and a lot of discipline over the past year, we will pay it off easily without sweating.  The sacrifices that we have made were well worth it!
  2. I had an awesome time seeing Grease at The Fabulous Fox Theater on Friday night.  I went with 6 female co-workers and thoroughly enjoyed myself.  I’m embarrassed to say, but I had never seen Grease before Friday.  I loved it.  I’m always so impressed by Broadway performers.  Taylor Hicks performed and I have to say that he was really really good.  His musical style is like a mix of country music and soul.  I’m not a fan of country music but I love songs with soul.  He was a very entertaining performer.
  3. Does anyone read this blog?  At times my motivation for maintaining it fluctuates.  If you read the blog and enjoy it by all means let us know!  We enjoy writing the blog but only if we have readers.
  4. Fresh produce really is where it’s at.

What’s on your mind today?

– Stephanie

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  1. spautz said,

    I read. And fresh produce is yummy. =)

  2. Jenna said,

    I’ve got you on my google reader, so if there’s a new post, I read it right away. 🙂 I always enjoy your updates! Maybe I’ll start that blog of mine someday…

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