Thinking of Aubre

January 7, 2010 at 5:22 PM (Friends, Inspirational)

My friend Aubre lives in OH and is one of the kindest, selfless people that I know.  Her life has been turned upside down in the past two weeks.  Her dad had a stroke on December 26th.  He was diagnosed with brain cancer based on a preliminary MRI and had brain surgery to remove a tumor almost immediately.  Her family received the pathology results from the surgery today and are devastated to find that he has metastatic melanoma.  She is a dedicated blogger and has been blogging every step of the way through the emotional ups and downs of this journey.  Please keep Aubre and her family in your thoughts and join me in lifting her up.  Her blog can be found here:

We love you Aubre!

– Stephanie



  1. Brandon said,

    Don’t lose hope. I was diagnosed stage four two winters ago and underwent two brain surgeries and stereotactic radiation to remove tumors, but fought myself into a very promising clinical trial, (GSK MEK inhibitor112054)which is working wonders for me, small mets in my brain and abdomen have dissappeared! The cure is coming!!!

  2. Aubre said,

    Thank you so much Stephanie! Brandon, what awesome news! I am so happy for you and thankful for your words of encouragement in a time when all news seems to be bad news. Thank You!

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