Memorable Moments

October 30, 2009 at 9:16 PM (Humor, Memorable Moments, Music, Pets, Relationships)

To capture the little moments in life, I am going to attempt a regular feature on our blog where I list 5 memorable moments from the day.

  1. Walking hand in hand through the mall and loving every minute.
  2. Singing “No Scrubs” by TLC loudly in the car.  Takes me back to high-school.
  3. Hearing Ben complain about prices.  I’m so glad that we are on the same financial page. 🙂
  4. Peanut whimpering to get in my lap.
  5. My manager at work dressing up as phlegm for Halloween.  Her job title is FLM (Front Line Manager) so her costume was very appropriate….and gross. 🙂

– Stephanie


1 Comment

  1. Aubre said,

    Hi Steph! I love the little moments memories on your blog! what a great way to enjoy and cherish each day! I wish I could have seen the bosses costume! I bet that was really interesting! Hope you all start feeling better soon!! Hugs to you!

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