Random Week / Weekend Happenings and Random Thoughts

September 12, 2009 at 11:00 PM (Food, Friends, Home Improvement, Wedding)

  1. I had an awesome time babysitting on Thursday.  Mazie, Jon and Talissa’s baby, is incredibly precious.  Check out a few pics below!
  2. My dissertation is moving at a snail’s pace.  But, it’s better than not moving at all!  It currently looks like I’ll be graduating in May.
  3. Jenna and Gary are coming to visit next weekend and I can’t wait!
  4. Ben and I just had sushi for dinner and it was delicious.  We ordered way too much and brought some home.  Normally leftover sushi is horrible because the rice dries out.  I put the sushi in an airtight container as a test.  I’ll let you know how it turns out!
  5. Ben and I got a lot done around the house today.  I cleaned the disgusting trim / baseboards in our larger living room and it looks much better.  We also hung some wedding photos.  Yay!
  6. We’re going to Jon and Talissa’s for lunch and football tomorrow.  We are looking forward to hanging out since the 4 of us haven’t spent time together in quite some time.
  7. When I opened the garage door tonight on our way out for dinner, I saw 3 teenagers at the end of the driveway and they scattered when they saw me.  It’s too dark outside for me to tell if they did something to the house or mailbox.  I guess we will find out tomorrow.

What’s happening in your life?

– Stephanie

Talissa, Jon, and Mazie decked out in Clemson gear.

Talissa, Jon, and Mazie decked out in Clemson gear.

MiscPics 2131

MiscPics 2159

MiscPics 2181


1 Comment

  1. HS said,

    I saw your wedding pics, amazing! I can see true love!! wish you all the best. What is happening in our life? nothing 😦

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