Alaska On My Mind

July 29, 2009 at 7:07 PM (Food, Nature, Travel, Wedding)

I’m sorry to disappoint you Ray Charles, but Alaska is on my mind.

Do you ever have cravings? For the beach, for sand between your toes, for sunsets, for sunrises, for art, for travel, for food?  I had been told that after our wedding I would experience a sense of sadness or loss, if you will.  I’m happy to report that is definitely not the case.  However, today I have been having some serious “cravings” for Alaska–the drop dead gorgeous scenery, the fresh air, the wonderful people, the unusual lifestyles, the salmon, the halibut, the great outdoors, the wildlife, the rainforests, the glaciers.  I want it so bad that I can taste it.  I look forward to our next visit even though I have no idea when we will go back.

– Stephanie

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  1. TechMom said,

    If we could all find jobs in Alaska, we could all move up there! I’m not so sure I want to chase bears out of my back yard, though!!

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