Wedding and Honeymoon Journal: Entry #9

May 31, 2009 at 11:43 AM (Travel, Wedding)

We got married on May 24, 2009 in Juneau, Alaska on the Gilkey Glacier.  We enjoyed a spectacular honeymoon in Juneau, Alaska as well.  We kept a handwritten journal throughout our trip.  A master list of all journal entries can be found here.


Monday, May 25, 2009 — 8:49 PM AKDT

In the spirit of our first dance song as husband and wife, yesterday can be described with two words–so amazing.  I couldn’t sleep very well so I got up at 5 AM AKDT.  I walked around the gardens at Pearson’s Pond and called my mom.  Ben didn’t gt up until after 8 AM.  We ate breakfast and then I started doing my makeup around 11 AM.  I was almost finished with my makeup when the hairstylist, Virginia, arrived.  She was awesome.  Very down to earth and easy to talk to.  She has lived in Alaska most of her life so it was fun asking her questions about the area.  When I finally got to see my hair, I almost cried.  I was really happy with the hair style.

Seanna, our photographer, arrived soon thereafter.  I loved her instantly.  I finished my makeup and then she and Diane helped me get into my dress.  Ben helped make lunch while I was getting ready.  Diane even fed me while I was getting ready.  Haha!  Seanna took photos of me alone in the gardens while Ben was dressing.

It was a magical moment both when I saw myself for the first time and when Ben saw me.  I found myself getting emotional standing there waiting on him surrounded by beautiful gardens.  We spent a good amount of time having photos taken together.  It was a lot of fun.  There were many humorous moments including me squeezing Ben’s booty and us being surrounded by a cloud of mosquitoes.  Sienna was such a great sport.

All of us then headed to the heliport.  The staff was so friendly.  They helped me put on my blue polka dot socks and shoes/boots.  While we were hanging out, a group of Spanish people came into the room where we were and treated us like celebrities.  They even took photos with us.  It was hilarious.  After our safety briefing, we headed out to the helicopter.  I had been dreading getting in to the helicopter but things went very smoothly.  Before heading up, I warned the pilot of my motion susceptibility and he promised to take good care of me.  The flight to the glacier was phenomenal although I did feel pretty sick at times.  The scenery was breathtaking and looking back it still feels like a dream.

After landing, our awesome guide, Chris, help us put on crampons which are metal spikes that wrap around boots.  We walked to a beautiful blue glacier “pond” and started the ceremony after a few photos.

The ceremony was great.  I fought back tears throughout Diane’s opening words and openly cried during my vows.  Ben also choked up.  It was a beautiful moment that I had been looking forward to for my entire life.  Everything felt so right and the words were only a fraction of the joy that I felt at that moment in time and feel as I write this now.  To be honest, everything was and is so overwhelming in a positive way.  I really can’t even describe how magical and powerful the setting was.

After the ceremony, Ben and I were given glasses of champagne as Diane gave a toast.  We then cut our horribly melted cake that actually ended up looking like a glacier.  Haha!  It was tasty though.  Lastly, we had our first dance as husband and wife to Luther Vandross’ “So Amazing.”

The flight back to the heliport was, again, spectacular.  We even saw mountain goats which was awesome.  We unloaded ourselves from the helicopter and headed inside to sign our marriage license.  We sadly hugged Seanna and said goodbye.  It was also hard saying goodbye to all of the awesome people at Northstar Trekking.

Back at the inn, I quickly and happily got out of my dress so we could head out to eat dinner.  I wasn’t feeling very well on the drive to the inn.  I felt like I could vomit at any given moment.  That feeling lasted halfway through dinner.  And then it magically disappeared.  It was the worst feeling in the world.  I think it was a combination of motion sickness, stress, and fatigue.

All in all though, the day was truly spectacular.  I married my best friend in a setting that would make the most wordy person speechless.  In the most pure of settings I became one with Ben.  The day couldn’t have been better.

– Mrs. Fishel-Brown


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  1. TechMom said,

    Beautiful post! You painted a beautiful picture. It was as though I was there with you. (I got choked up too!)

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