Wedding and Honeymoon Journal: Entry #8

May 31, 2009 at 11:05 AM (Travel, Wedding)

We got married on May 24, 2009 in Juneau, Alaska on the Gilkey Glacier.  We enjoyed a spectacular honeymoon in Juneau, Alaska as well.  We kept a handwritten journal throughout our trip.  A master list of all journal entries can be found here.


Monday, May 25, 2009 – 9:32 AM AKDT

Had a hard time waking up this morning; felt like I had a hangover despite the lack of alcohol last night.  I think adrenaline and excitement have similar effects.

So we’re officially married now.  I need to practice scribbling my name and having a legible hyphen in there somewhere.  Stephanie writes her signature pretty slowly, too, so who knows how much time an extra hyphen and five letters will add to it.  She’s going to dread signing for anything for a while now.

The weather since we arrived has been absolutely outstanding.  In our wildest dreams I don’t think we could have imagined or scripted better weather.  It’s been sunny and I’ve been wearing nothing but short sleeves (Note: Ben did wear other stuff besides short sleeves.  The wording of his sentence is interesting.  Haha! ;)).  The weather, according to the photographer, was perfect when we were on the glacier.  It was slightly overcast with a little sun.  Apparently if it has been really sunny we would have run the risk of getting washed out in the pictures, especially Stephanie with her white dress against the white glacier.  Sienna (pronounced Shawna) was awesome.  She was a busy bee, running all over the place taking pictures.  Normally, I’d consider myself a prime person to become wooden and somewhat unnatural when a camera comes out, but Sienna did an awesome job.  She made both of us very comfortable and we had a lot of laughs during the photography process.  If you ever come to Juneau and need a photographer, we both highly recommend her.

I absolutely loved the helicopter ride.  Besides actually getting married, it was the single activity I was most excited about.  I was in no way disappointed.  It was fantastic!  Even now, the day after, I’m having trouble putting it into words.  I suppose I could tell you to imagine yourself in a National Geographic video, but that wouldn’t do it justice.  I mean, when you’re in a helicopter doing a slow motion bob and weave between mountains…gosh, there’s no real way to fully describe it.  I’m hoping that more and better descriptive words and phrases will come to me as I write more in the journal over the coming week.  It was just an amazing experience that I hope to do again someday.  Not the wedding part, just the helicopter part, you negative thinkers.  Ha!

As for the wedding, I’m going to steal a word Stephanie has been using all week.  Surreal.  Everything is so surreal.  Or was surreal.  I am floating right now and proper verb tense is escaping me.  Again, I can’t find the words to do the surrounding justice.

Stephanie looked amazing.  I don’t think I can recall being stopped speechless at seeing something like I was when I saw her in her wedding dress.  Imagine being on the second level of a deck and looking down into a lush garden area and seeing the most beautiful woman in the world surrounded by beautiful flowers and foliage.  It was breathtaking.  Definitely a memory and image that will be in my mind forever.

Our small wedding cake didn’t travel so well.  It was left in the car at the helicopter place for just a little too long and melted a little bit, making it a bit lopsided.  That was the only thing that didn’t go absolutely perfectly.  The ceremony was nice, simple, and not too long.  Perfect as far as I’m concerned.

Chris was our guide, and he met us on the glacier when we landed.  He was really nice and helpful.  He even took a bunch of pictures during out wedding ad on the flight back.  In fact, they just delivered the pictures he took here at Pearson’s Pond this morning.  They are awesome!  If you need helicopter service in Juneau, call Northstar Trekking.  The whole staff, including Chris, was really nice and incredibly helpful.  They really helped make a busy, stressful day a lot more fun and enjoyable.

Today we have a trip to a dogsled camp planned for a little after lunch.  I think we’re both pretty psyched about it.  We actually flew over a dogsled camp on the ice fields during our helicopter trip, but I was too entranced at the time to ask if that was the one we were going to be visiting.  Based on the short description I read I don’t believe that to be the case, but it might be something we’ll want to look into for a return visit.

Tonight we’re going to a salmon bake, and I’m interested to see how salmon is prepared in the salmon capital of the world.  Another busy day!

– Ben


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