Breaking the Code / Law

May 7, 2009 at 10:04 PM (Humor, Politics, Rants, Wedding)

When I got home from work today I was shocked to see a “Notice of Violation” from the county in which we live taped to our front door.  Apparently we violated some sort of “Parking Standard” code when we had our wedding shower this past weekend.  We have a two car garage but in the midst of all the happenings had parked one of our vehicles in the yard temporarily.  Well, according to the code that we violated, “All vehicles/trailers/boats must be parked on a hardened/treated surface.  All tires must be on hardened/treated surfaces.”  The most disturbing part is that someone in the neighborhood must have reported us.  Wouldn’t it have been much more neighborly to slip a note into our mailbox?  Wouldn’t it have been neighborly for the reporter to just observe and see if the vehicle is moved before assuming we are converting our yard to a used car lot?  I mean we had wedding balloons tied to our mailbox for goodness sake.  Someone is a Scrooge, apparently.

According to the notice, they will perform a random inspection in the next 10 days to see if the violation has been removed.  The funny part is that the “violation” (i.e. car on the grass) wasn’t even present when they taped the notice to the door.  It seems as though the violation should be evident before an inspector can even formally give the notice.

Breaking the law!  Breaking the law!

– Stephanie

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  1. Effie said,

    Don’t feel bad, the same exact thing happened to my sister. I don’t think it is the neighbors reporting, I think it is drive-by cops or some such. They’ve gotten 2 such notices since they’ve lived where they live.

    Isn’t it fun? At least it’s not the HOA. THOSE guys are the REAL bastards.

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