Saturday Happenings

April 19, 2009 at 12:57 AM (Family, Friends, Home Improvement, Sports, Wedding)

Ben and I have had a very busy weekend already.  Ben made us a yummy breakfast of eggs and pancakes before we each headed out to take care of business.  My friend Talissa and baby Mazie met me at Chris Nicholson Salon & Spa for my wedding hair trial run.  The experience was fun and stressful.  I’ve NEVER had a professional updo.  I never went to prom in high-school and I’ve never had an updo for any other occasion.

I went in with pictures of some half-updos that I found online (for example, this one and this one).  However, the stylist was very concerned about the moisture on the glacier and my “do” holding its shape.  So, she convinced me to try a full updo.  I wasn’t thrilled about the first updo that she did which was frustrating for both of us.  But, the second updo was better.  I was absolutely exhausted after spending 2 hrs at the salon.  It’s hard choosing a style for yourself based on zero experience.  Unfortunately our wedding setting doesn’t allow me to have my ideal hair style, but I think the style she chose will work just fine.

Mazie and I

Mazie and I



While I was at the salon, Ben took the Civic in for an oil change.  He also headed to Lowes to buy some switchplates, weed eater oil, and a window washing contraption.  A few months ago my mom gave us my stepdad’s weed eater (he passed away in June 2007).  It hasn’t been used in over 2 yrs.  Well, with some manual reading and throttle tweaking, Ben was able to successfully use it to chop down the jungle in our front yard.

Ben Using the Weed Eater

Ben Using the Weed Eater

Ben Acting Silly After Weed Eating

Ben Acting Silly After Weed Eating

When I returned home, Ben grilled lunch for us.

Ben Prepping the Grill

Ben Prepping the Grill

Me Hanging Out On the Deck

Me Hanging Out On the Deck

After lunch, Ben finished weed eating and I worked on a photo project for the house.  While sorting through some photos, I found some pics of myself and my brother, Robert, as kids.  Check them out below.  It was fun walking down memory lane.








After the weed eating and photo stuff, we washed the bay window in our smaller living room.  We were finally able to find a pole long enough to reach the window.  Yay!

I spent the remainder of the evening relaxing, reading, blogging, etc. while Ben and our friend Jon spent the evening watching the UFC fight at Bailey’s, a local sports bar.

What did you do this weekend?

– Stephanie



  1. Jenna said,

    I love these pictures! Your new glasses look awesome on you Stephanie, and your hair looks so nice all curled! Such cute pics of you as a kid, too. 🙂

  2. Aubre Rice said,

    You, my dear, look beautiful! Love your hair! I am so excited for you and think about you everyday!! Hugs to you!

  3. Kenna said,

    Your hair looks gorgeous like that! 🙂

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