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April 15, 2009 at 6:10 PM (Fitness, Food, Healthy Living, Inspirational, Notable Notes, Weight Loss)

One of my favorite hobbies is to read people’s blogs.  I find so many ideas and so much inspiration from them.  I’ve decided to list some of my favorite weight loss / healthy living blogs for you.  Please check them out!  I highly recommend each and every one of them.

Weight Loss

  • My Angle on Weight Loss — Jason, the author, has transformed his body and his life through running and making better food choices.  He has lost over 130 lbs.  He posts very regularly and is very open and honest about his journey and his daily struggles.  On the outside he looks fit and healthy but he writes about the struggles that continue to plague him.  I recommend that you start reading here.
  • Just Sweet Enough — Nicole, the author, maintains an amazing blog with awesome photos and food ideas.  She has lost 180 lbs.  She often posts photos of the foods that she eats.  I love getting healthy food ideas from her blog.  She is very positive and upbeat and an awesome inspiration for us all.  I recommend that you start reading here.
  • Destination: 175 — Angela is someone else who continues to inspire me.  She has lost almost 100 lbs through diet and exercise.  She writes a very frank, and at times, a very humorous blog.  She write about her emotional and physical transformation as she puts her past behind her and raises 2 children by herself.  I recommend that you start reading here.
  • PastaQueen –Jennette is a blogger and a book author.  At her highest, she weighed 372 lbs.  She has since lost over half her body weight.  She’s a funny lady who makes me laugh pretty regularly.  I recommend that you start reading here.

Healthy Living

Technically all of the blogs above fall into this category as well.  However, I decided to break them into two groups since the “Weigh Loss” blogs are written by individuals that have lost a significant amount of weight.  The “Healthy Living” blogs are just as inspirational although the authors do not focus on weight loss.

  • Green and Crunchy — Sheri is a wife and mom of 5 kids.  She is a raw foodist.  I am constantly inspired to try new foods after reading her blog.  She and her family also live a unique lifestyle.  I really enjoy learning from and reading about her family.
  • Kristen’s Raw — Kristen is a raw vegan chef.  Although I’m not a raw foodist, I try to eat a whole foods diet as much as possible.  Her blog provides me with unique food ideas that involve fresh (i.e. non-processed) ingredients.

I hope you get as much from these wonderful blogs as I do!

– Stephanie


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  1. hundredtenpounds said,

    Thanks for posting these! I’m always looking for new healthy blogs. 🙂

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