Weekend Happenings

February 15, 2009 at 7:09 PM (Friends, Home Improvement, Pets)

Ben and I had an awesome weekend.  Saturday Ben installed our Target clearance drapes in our dining room.  He also assembled a TV stand that we purchased several weeks ago on sale at World Market.  Jon and Talissa brought baby Mazie over around noon.  We babysat so they could enjoy a romantic Valentine’s Day.  We had a little photo shoot with Mazie which was tons of fun.  Check out some cute pics below.  After their date, Jon and Talissa hung out at our house for a while.  We ordered pizza and chatted for a few hours.

Sunday, I worked on some dissertation data and worked on a report for work.  While I did work, Ben started repairing the latest damage from our wood eating dog (Arya).  It’s a multi-step process.  Also, Ben finally took down the Christmas lights off of our front deck (yeah, I know).  Later in the afternoon, we took a trip to Home Depot to buy a couple of light fixtures.  One light fixture replaced the out of date pool table light that came in our finished basement when we bought our house.  The other light fixture will replace a defective one in our laundry closet.  We also went to Target to go grocery shopping and to get drape rods for our basement.

All in all, we had an awesome weekend.  How was your weekend?  We hope it was great!

– Stephanie





Talissa and Mazie

Talissa and Mazie


Arya's latest destruction.

Arya's latest destruction.


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