Good Times and Slacking Times

February 12, 2009 at 9:30 PM (Family, Food, Friends, Healthy Living, Relationships, Wedding, Weight Loss)

As you may have noticed, we haven’t posted in several days.  I was out of town from Wednesday until Sunday last week and additionally we have drifted into a little slump.

I left GA on Wednesday afternoon and headed to Clemson to collect some dissertation data.  In preparation, I spent the evening hanging out in the copy room for 3 hours making copies as soon as I arrived in Clemson (until 10 PM).  On a very positive note though, I got to see our awesome friend Jenna who let me stay with her Wednesday and Thursday nights.  It was great catching up with her.  We stayed up later than we probably should have on Wednesday talking to Jenna’s fiance’ and our awesome friend, Gary.  It was a blast.  I took a very funny “portrait” of them Thursday that you can check out below.

Thursday started very early for me as I headed to campus in the freezing cold.  I had forgotten what it was like to wake up with a car that needed the ice scraped off of it.  It’s definitely one of those home/garage owner luxuries that I didn’t think about until the moment came when I had to spend 10 minutes preparing my car for the drive.  I spent the day collecting data on campus.  I also got to see, Kenna, another friend who I have missed dearly, while I was on campus.  We ate lunch together and it was great.  Thursday evening Jenna, Kenna, and Scott (Kenna’s husband and our friend) all ate dinner together.  We talked and laughed lots.  I have definitely missed all of them!

Friday morning I spent some time on campus collecting more data.  I now have all of the data that I need for Study 1 of my dissertation.  Yay!  I left campus around noon and headed to NC.  I spent the evening hanging out with my mom, brother Robert, and sister-in-law Angela.  I had a fantastic time catching up with them and laughing a lot.

Saturday I spent almost the entire day with my friends Blair, Heather, and Donna.  Heather is getting married in August so we wanted to have a pre-wedding weekend for her.  We ate breakfast together before heading to a bridal show in Winston-Salem, NC.  The show was fun.  It was the first time that I had been to one.  Afterwards, we checked out the park where we are hosting a wedding shower for Heather in July.  Then, it was off to David’s Bridal for Heather to try on dresses.  It was so much fun.  Heather ended up getting a dress that looks stunning on her.  We also finalized our bridesmaid dresses.  Missions accomplished!  It was a great day and was yet another reminder of how truly lucky I am to have such great friends.

Sunday I spent the morning with my mom and brother and then hit the road around 12 PM.  I arrived back home to Atlanta around 5:30 PM.

The trips to SC and NC were great but I definitely slipped back into some old eating habits due to traveling and other stressful personal issues that we’ve been dealing with.  It all started at Carrabba’s on Friday night.  I ate way too much bread and indulged way too much in general.  It continued with a country style breakfast on Saturday and wedding cake samples at the bridal show that afternoon.  On Sunday I had a horrible unhealthy breakfast at Hardees.  Ugh.  On top of all that by the time that I arrived home Sunday I didn’t feel like thinking about meal planning or grocery shopping.  It’s Thursday and Ben and I still haven’t made our meal plan or gone grocery shopping for the week.  That led to us eating out several times this week and making poor food choices.

Anyway, tomorrow is a new day.  Time to refocus and time to go grocery shopping!  No more excuses.  This past week has made me appreciate our meal planning even more.  Without it, we spend more money and eat things we shouldn’t.  The next time I go out of town for almost an entire weekend, I WILL have a plan for meals when I get back–certainly a big lesson learned.

We hope you are all having a great week!

– Stephanie

Jenna and Gary's portrait.

Jenna and Gary's portrait.

Blair, Stephanie (aka me), and Donna.

From left to right: Blair, Stephanie (aka me), and Donna.

Heather wedding shoe shopping.

Heather wedding shoe shopping.

Robert making blueberry muffins (gasp).

Robert making blueberry muffins (gasp).


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