Weigh In and Other Weekend Happenings

January 31, 2009 at 9:08 PM (Family, Food, Friends, Pets)


  • Change from Last Report (1/30/09): -3.4 lbs
  • Total Weight Change: -15.6 lbs


  • Change from Last Report (1/30/09): +0.1 lbs
  • Total Weight Change: -2.4 lbs

Note: We started our journey to lose weight on January 5th, 2009.  We weigh ourselves daily so you may see a lot of fluctuation in our weight.

Ben traveled to SC today to spend time with friends and family.  He’ll be hanging out, gaming, and watching the Super Bowl.  He left this morning armed with chocolate Guinness cake and onion dip that I made last night.

I had the house all to myself for the first time since we moved here.  I stayed super busy browsing stores today and cleaning the house.  I bought a new trash can for the kitchen.  Our old one didn’t have a lid and Arya just now discovered it.  The other night she knocked it over and had trash everywhere.  Luckily Peanut, our canine goat, was in his crate at the time.  He will eat anything in sight–literally!  He ate a receipt the other night.  I also filed my taxes tonight.  As you can see, I had a fun filled day. 🙂

Speaking of taxes, here is a useful table that will help you to estimate when your refund will be deposited if you used direct deposit.

I hope you are all having a great weekend!

– Stephanie


1 Comment

  1. Aubre said,

    3.4 lbs!!! WOW!! Nice job Steph, you are inspiring me to do better. I am so proud of you. Enjoy your alone time and quiet house!

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