I Have a Wedding Dress!

January 10, 2009 at 9:41 PM (Wedding, Weight Loss)

I’m excited to report that I now have a wedding dress!  Originally, I was planning to wait until a girl’s weekend in March with my friends Blair, Jenna, and Heather who are coming from out of town.  We were going to start and finish shopping in the same weekend.  I mentioned this to my friend Talissa and she seemed very concerned which made me worried.

So, she and I went to Silver Lining in Atlanta today.  My intention was to figure out my top 2 dresses and order one in March.  Well, once we settled on “the” dress I was told that if I ordered the dress today it wouldn’t even come in until the first week of May.  Eek!  Our wedding is May 24.  Obviously waiting until March to order the dress was completely out of question.  As soon as it comes in, I’ll need another 2 weeks or so for alterations to be completed.  I also received a 10% discount for buying it today.

I’m excited about my dress and happy to have that part of the planning done.  In case you’re curious, I ordered the dress 1 size smaller than I am now.  I’m hoping to be 2-3 sizes smaller than I am now by the time the dress comes in, but I played it safe and only ordered it 1 size smaller.  The alterations can take care of the rest.

Much thanks to Talissa for all of her support and patience today.  It was very exhausting for both of us (although we were there less than 3 hours).

– Stephanie


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  1. Aubre said,

    CONGRATS!! How fun! I bet you have a load off your mind having the dress ordered. I can’t wait to see it!

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