Friends, Life in the Fat Lane, and Wedding Dresses

January 5, 2009 at 8:51 PM (Food, Friends, Healthy Living, Wedding, Weight Loss)

Ben and I had a wonderful day with our friends Jon and Talissa and their baby Mazie yesterday.  They took us out to lunch to celebrate my birthday.  My chosen place was Rusan’s, a yummy sushi restaurant.  Afterwards, we went to their house.  Ben and Jon played video games and watched football.  Talissa and I organized one of their bedrooms.  It was a helpful and distracting task since she returned to work from maternity leave today.  I’m super happy to have my friend and office mate back at work but I know it’s an emotionally trying time for her.

In other news, weight loss has been on my mind a lot lately with the upcoming wedding and honeymoon not to mention the other obvious reasons why weight loss should be on most people’s minds (i.e. health).  Life in the fat lane is no fun.  We have 20 weeks until our wedding.  Based on a healthy rate (2 lbs/wk), my goal is to lose 40 lbs by our wedding.   Talissa, Sarah (a co-worker of mine), and I took side view photos of each other today.  We plan to take photos monthly and see if we notice changes.  The support system is nice.  Talissa made a statement that I thought was really cute.  She said, “I took pictures of my belly getting bigger [when pregnant] and now I want to take pictures of it going down.”

I did great food-wise today and Ben and I went on a walk (2 laps) around the neighborhood tonight.  It was rainy out but the peace and quiet was so nice.

I will start posting my weight changes on the blog on a daily basis.  I know some say it’s not good to weigh yourself daily but I personally find it motivating.  Whatever works, right?  Tomorrow will serve as the baseline since I forgot to weigh this morning.  So, Wednesday will be the first day I will post any changes to my weight.

Lastly, in even more news, I’m excited that Talissa and I are going on an initial scouting outing to look for wedding dresses for me.  We found a store in Atlanta called Silver Lining that sells only plus size wedding dresses.  I’m pretty excited! 🙂  This will be the first time that I’ve looked at dresses in person for myself.  Our goal is to narrow the selection down to a few that I like and then my friends Blair, Heather, and Jenna will go with me in March to get the final dress.  Good times!

– Stephanie

Funny picture of Ben and Jon playing video games.  They look so serious!

Funny picture of Ben and Jon playing video games. They look so serious!



  1. Aubre said,

    Hello my friend. I agree, life in the fat lane isn’t fun. I am right there with you and know how hard it is and how awesome it is to have support and encouragement. I support you, understand what your going through, and am right beside you in my own journey. I had a disaster for a weigh in tonight but am picking myself up and starting new. What options do I have anyway, keep going up? No thanks. Hang in there, little by little it adds up. We can do this together. Hugs to you.

  2. Kenna said,

    Hey Stephanie! I totally understand about losing weight! I feel like I’ve been trying FOREVER! My weight has gone up and down up and down over the years. I joined WW last Saturday, but decided not to put it on the blog yet, because I want it to be a surprise for friends and family (although I chose to tell you 😉 ). I know you can do it!!! You are beautiful inside and out.

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