75% Off Christmas Items at Target

January 2, 2009 at 9:47 PM (Holidays, Saving Money)

We bought a $100 Christmas tree at Target tonight for $25.  Yay!  We just wanted to share with you that Target already has their Christmas stuff marked down by 75%.

– Stephanie


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  1. TechMom said,

    Friday we went to Commerce, GA and got 3 pairs of Rockports (2 for Dad and 1 for me for $60). We also found shorts for Dar at $4 each, which he’ll really need this summer. Other than that, we found a few things, but overall, not really much, or not as much as I expected. I could have put a serious hurting on the card in Kaspar, but the discount wasn’t enough. In Anderson, we hit Target, Michaels, Kohl’s, and Hobby Lobby. Basic rule for post Christmas sales is 70% or more discount. We found pajamas for Dar 2 sets for $10, a Jazia Christmas dress for next year at 70%, leggings for Jaz at 80%. Other notable finds were a $50 wreath for $10 at Hobby Lobby, which we’ll use on the front door next year.

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