Friends, Shopping, Clogs and Other Weekend Happenings

December 21, 2008 at 10:05 AM (Friends, Holidays, Home Improvement, Pets)

I arrived back into Atlanta Friday night.  The airport was packed!  I suppose the holiday traveling season is well underway.  I’m definitely glad to be home and am looking forward to working only 2 days this week.  In fact, after December 24 I don’t go back to work until January 2.  Woohoo!

As soon as I got home Friday night (I didn’t even go inside!) Ben and I went out with our friend Jon.  It was Jon’s birthday and Talissa (his wife and our friend) and their baby Mazie were in Kansas so we spent the evening with him.  We ate dinner and went to see a movie.  We saw Four Christmases.  I definitely recommend it!  It’s one of those gut busting, everyone laughing out loud in the theater, types.  There were many many funny moments in the movie.

Saturday, we went to Target to get a couple of Christmas gifts and PetSmart to get some pet necessities.  The stores were very very busy but we survived.  We also headed to Lowes to buy outlets, switches, outlet plates, switch plates, and toilet main line cleaner.  As some of you know, we painted several rooms in our house when we first moved in.  Ever since, we’ve left the outlet and switch plates off completely.  The sellers of our house updated a few things in our house but definitely not a lot of the hardware that I would have upgraded before selling a house.  Our house was built in the early 80s.  All of the switches and outlets are a dingy off white and all of our doorknobs are an antiqued brass color.  Ben and I like modern and contemporary furnishings and hardware so one of our goals, over time, is to replace a lot of the not so modern and contemporary hardware throughout our house.  Our goal is to completely finish the outlets, switches, and plates in our larger living room.  One room at a time!  We’ll see if we can meet today’s goal.  This is the first time either one of us have replaced switches and outlets.  I’m sure it will be a learning experience.

We bought the main line cleaner because our master bedroom toilet upstairs has been flushing rather slow.  Who knows if the previous owners ever used gunk remover of any kind.  The guest bathroom sink was slow as well but it now works beautifully after we used Liquid Plumber yesterday.

Some of you have asked us about the status of the Christmas tree.  If you recall, this is the first year that we’ve placed our Christmas tree in a location that the cats can get to.  We’ve had some ups and downs.  At first, we found an ornament on the floor every other day or so–usually with the string chewed off.  The Christmas tree also seems to get unplugged randomly.  The last week has been uneventful though.  The tree hasn’t been knocked over at all.  We did get rid of the tree skirt.  Arya started chewing on it.  It looked horrible so we trashed it.  All in all, it hasn’t been too bad.  I’m definitely glad that we didn’t put all of our sentimental ornaments on the tree.   We’ll see how next year goes after we get a bigger and perhaps even more tempting tree.

We hope everyone is having a great weekend so far!

– Stephanie



  1. TechMom said,

    Having small children around isn’t much different – we also find ornaments in the floor (which the small kitty probably helps with as well) and our tree gets randomly plugged in. We had to hide the power cord!

  2. Outlets and Switches Updates « Life is Beautiful said,

    […] 23, 2008 at 4:17 pm (Home Improvement, Pets) As we mentioned in a previos post, available here, our goal was to completely replace all of the outlets and switches in our larger living room this […]

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