Blown Away

December 18, 2008 at 10:38 PM (Nature, Travel)

There were 45+ mph winds today in this portion of New Mexico.  It was like nothing I’ve ever experienced and it is supposedly quite common.  A co-worker and I visited the White Sands Missile Range museum and equipment display.  We knew it was windy but ventured out anyway.  As we were looking around the outdoor display the wind became really really strong.  Sand was blowing everywhere and we could barely walk.  It was actually scary.  We ran for cover.  It took a couple of hours for me to feel normal again.  My eyes burned from the sand and I literally felt like I was beat up.

That was my adventure for the day!  Check out even more New Mexico pics below!

– Stephanie











1 Comment

  1. Aubre said,

    WOW what beautiful pictures of the mountains. I am from Arizona, so I know how awesome they are when your not used to them! I miss them and those blue skies! What were you doing for work here? By the way, love love love your blog. The pictures of the day are fantastic and always make me smile. Ben on the roof….I have to say I was a bit nervous for him. Tell him Gary is in the finals for his fantasty football team….we are rooting for Ben too! I hope you both have a wonderful and safe holiday! I am blessed to have you as a friend and wish you a very happy New Year!

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