Fantasy Football Semifinals – Mission Accomplished!

December 14, 2008 at 8:47 PM (Fantasy Football)

Tyler Thigpen, Wes Welker, Steve Smith, and the Miami DEF/ST led me to fantasy football victory this week.  Well, I should say a near victory.  My opponent has Derrick Ward of the Giants to play, still, but my lead is such that it would take an NFL record-breaking day on Ward’s part to give my opponent the victory.  With that in mind, I’m going to prematurely pop open the virtual champagne!

Next week are the finals for my FFB league.  I don’t know who I’ll be facing yet, since the guys facing off in the other semifinal bracket have a close game between them.  Each of them has key players playing on MNF, so I won’t know the final outcome until Tuesday morning, most likely.  I’m never up late enough on weeknights to catch the end of a MNF game.

I’m rooting for you, Tom!  I don’t want to play the other guy!  🙂

I know all of you have been closely following the FFB stuff I’ve been posting, so keep those fingers crossed to that I can bring home some cash next week!




  1. TDizzle said,

    Oh yea, I pulled out the win just for you BBLB. Thanks Philly D!!!

    Can you feel the pressure? You look nervous. Little tight around the collar? Are you sweating profusely? Are you FREAKIN OUT!?!?!?!?!

    You should be. Go time baby.


  2. Ben said,

    I have nothing to say but this: I’m going to enjoy the winnings. I think they will begin funding my quest for world domination.

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