Up on the Rooftop Click, Click, Click and Other Weekend Happenings

December 13, 2008 at 9:17 PM (Food, Holidays, Home Improvement)

This weekend has already been pretty eventful.  Last night my company had its annual Christmas party.  It was held at Copelands (New Orleans inspired restaurant).  For the gift exchange we participated in one of those “naughty Santa” or “Chinese auction” deals (I’ve heard it called a couple different names).  I’m not sure if you’ve ever participated in one of those but here’s a quick summary: Everyone brings a wrapped gift.  Everyone adds their gift to the pile.  Everyone draws a number out of a bowl.  When it’s your turn, you choose a gift from the stack or get to steal a gift from someone who already opened a gift that you really liked.  If someone steals a gift that you have in your possession, you get to steal someone”s gift or pick another from the stack.  In the end, we took home a desktop water dispenser.  It’s decently neat although I had my eye on the game Catch Phrase but never had a chance to steal it from anyone because no one stole the water cooler from me.

Today, we mostly stayed at home and did a variety of tasks.  We made chocolate oatmeal cookies and chocolate-peanut butter “munchies” for four sets of neighbors that we have come to know and like.  Another notable event was that Ben ventured on to our roof.  When our home was inspected in July, the inspector noticed a “future problem” area on our roof.  The roof itself is new but there was a small opening near an eve where two portions of the roof meet.  We bought some mesh to cut and nail over the hole.  While he was up there, Ben decided to use a broom and knock off some of the leaves and pine needles that were on the roof.  Although he looked confident and calm while on the roof, he later admitted being terrified. 🙂  I’m incredibly proud of him for doing this but it was scary for both of us.  I watched him the whole time and had my cell phone handy in case there were any issues.  He moved very slow and things were fine.  Below are some pics for your enjoyment!

– Stephanie

Ben living on the edge.

Ben living on the edge.

Ben waving while being terrified.

Ben waving while being terrified.

Ben on the roof.  Notice Peanut in the window!

Ben on the roof. Notice Peanut in the window!

Ben on the roof.

Ben on the roof.



  1. TechMom said,

    Oiiii!!!!!! I’m glad I didn’t know about this when it was happening! That’s a TALL roof!

  2. TDizzle said,

    Wow, your house looks SWEET man. Feel free to fly me in for the deluxe tour. You should post some more pics.

    You know they make things that clean out the gutters from the ground right? Like a long wand that you hook the hose to and it shoots the leaves out.

    If you don’t want to spring for that, maybe tie yourself to something like a chimney. Or heck, at least wear your cape while you’re up there. If you are going to fall 3 stories, at least look cool doing it.

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